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Piano Tuner, Best Piano Tuner, Supeior Piano Tuning

Third generation piano tuner & technician, offering superior piano tuning, repairs, and complete piano rebuilding services.


About Me
Piano Tuner, Third Generation Piano Technician

Hello my name is Vincent Blake. I'm a third generation piano tuner. I've been tuning pianos for over 25 years, carrying on the dedicated service that my grandfather began over seventy five years ago. Distinguished piano service for the accomplished concert artist, professional musician and the home. Superior tuning, piano repairs and rebuilds. Serving the Sacramento Valley and the North Bay Area. Also providing piano moving services.

Piano Tuner, Piano Craftsmen Rebuilder

Tuning in a variety of Historical Tempermants is also available if desired.


"What is a Touch Design?" it is a recipe for the "feel" of the piano "touch". It consists of the measured weight, leverage, and friction in each key, using the new touch weight metrology.


Regulation. As a technician I cannot reiterate the importance of having a piano responding within the perimeters that is has been given.


Vince's tuning and technical prowess will satisfy the most discerning customers.  He's been my piano technician for over twenty years and I would recommend him without reservation.  I've recommended him to my music students, colleagues, and friends who've been very satisfied with his work.


As a conductor/pianist/composer, having a well maintained instrument is critical.  Vince has done an excellent job keeping my Yamaha C-7 and Yamaha P202 up to par.  


Thank you Vince for the many years of service.




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